My name is Godfrey Kiwumulo, (kiwumulo literally meaning 'holiday' in my language), I am married and a father of two amazing girls. I come from Uganda, iconically referred to as the pearl of Africa blessed with amazing people, weather and climate, flora and fauna among other natural resources and wildlife.

I am raised in an agricultural environment, my parents are obsessed with sustainable agricultural practices, with the desire to protect and preserve the indigenous crops, soils, through organic farming practices and also produce organic outputs rejecting the notion of GMOs.

Growing up on the farm, I have seen my parents and other farmers struggle with middle men and big international companies that come and dictate the prices of their outputs, from maize, coffee to vanilla.

It is from this background that I decided to start up Hachi Trading (MS ORGANIC Vanilla Beans) in the Netherlands, where I moved with my Dutch family in 2018. I am dedicated to the concept of a real meaningful direct trade that has a great impact on the farmers like my parents back home in Uganda, who put in a lot of time and effort to produce vanilla which is labor intensive and time consuming.

Through this concept of direct trade, we pick the vanilla straight from our farm, my parents farm, and from other farmers with whom we collaborate, then we process the vanilla and send it directly to the Netherlands, limiting the number of middlemen. The farmers are assured of a good price which improves their livelihood, makes them happy with their work pay and thus put a smile on the face of many hard-working people.

Meet Our Team in Uganda

Meet Alice Bukenya

Alice is a mother of 3 children. She holds a Diploma in Biology from Kyambogo University (Uganda), a Certificate in Plant Culture from Kent University, Advanced Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology from Martin Luther University (German) and a Certificate in Plant Analysis from Hohenheim University (German). 

Alice retired from the National Agricultural Research Organization where she worked for many years. With her experience she helps in advising the farmers their organic farming practices. She is also the head of our vanilla bean curing process and guarantees the high quality of our vanilla beans.

Meet Rose Mary Nakayiza

Rose Mary, we call her mama vanilla, as her passion for and dedication to vanilla growing is unmatched. She possesses all the skills and experiences needed for the high-quality vanilla growing, from hand-pollination of the flowers to the slow sun-drying curing of the green vanilla beans.

She helps to pass over her skills, passion, and her experience for vanilla and organic farming to the young generation through direct and in-field teaching, teaching them the necessary processes.


Meet Eric Wokulira

Eric is in charge of our transport. He also helps on the farm, including assisting in the harvesting of the green beans.